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One91 Pathways

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One91 Pathways creates a sense of wonder, interest and discovery in each and every student so they are prepared to blaze their own path.

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We fan the flame in each student — from spark to blaze

We believe our extraordinary learners can live their lives at the intersection of passion and purpose — and through One91 Pathways, students discover more about what they love earlier in life. 

At every stage, we are creating learning opportunities that create a sense of wonder, interest and discovery in each and every student. Learn more about our nationally recognized Pathways program and how our students use these amazing experiences every day. 

Alumni Blazing New Trails

Olivia’s Journey from Healthcare to Education

“Having the opportunity to figure out what I wanted to do for free in high school was so instrumental and saved me time and money to make that decision before even starting college. The Pathways program really helps students establish early on what they like and don’t like and provides great support to establish their plans.”

Olivia Brammer, Class of 2018

Osman’s Journey into Architecture

“I can remember my elementary science classes, which were taught by Mrs. Rau. Her way of teaching us was hands-on and it was one of my first real experiences conducting observations in the name of science.”

Osman Warfa, Class of 2021

Braylon’s High-Speed Journey into Education

191 Trailblazers

“The Pathways program at BHS set the tone for my life and really inspired me to work as an educator. I got such great support throughout high school and this program really set the course for me to work towards my goals. It got me this job where I get to work with great students, and it allowed me to save thousands of dollars on college courses.”

Braylon Lane, Class of 2022

Justin’s Journey into Journalism

“I started getting the passion when I was in elementary school. I joined the Rahn TV3 News in elementary school and that was my first exposure to journalism.”

Justin Amaker, Class of 2018

Oriana's Journey from Venezuela to Burnsville and a Future in Computer Science

“Pathways at BHS exposed me to different things and different people who helped me to learn more about the field that I was interested in. I have an advantage at college thanks to the Pathways at BHS and experience with Java. The Pathways helped me to not waste time by knowing what I wanted to major in and what I wanted to do.”

Oriana Penaloza, Class of 2020

Jenna Kay’s Journey to NASA

“Joining the robotics team changed the trajectory of both my career and my life. The high school robotics team was a perfect blend of STEM, business, communications, outreach and education – where my sweet spot lies.”

Jenna Kay Foertsch, Class of 2015

One91 Trailblazers in Action

Justin Amaker

One91 Pathways

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 is a future-forward school district creating barrier-free pathways for learning for everyone in our community. We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit, and create programs, services and opportunities that inspire this belief. 

Find your passion and blaze your path!