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Middle School PathwaysAt the middle school level, Pathways learning is designed to foster exploration and nurture creativity as students consider their future. We’re serious about building inclusive spaces because it gives students the best chance to continue healthy self-discovery as they bridge into our high school experience.

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Find inspiration. Fuel exploration.

As students emerge from an elementary experience where the world is framed as full of opportunity, we support them as they look to find where they belong — where their talents, interests, and hopes could lead them next. There’s a need to develop confidence, so we affirm the need for exploration and encourage students to pursue healthy outlets where they can refine their skills and sense of wellbeing. Through social-emotional learning and proven strategies that promote self-discovery, students build a greater capacity to make decisions that reflect their passion.


Phased Implementation

Several improvements to the middle school experience are currently underway as part of the One91 Pathways expansion. 

Middle School Experience: Learning. Leadership. Culture.

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Meaningful Learning

Built on deep, nuanced learning.

With rigorous curriculum to challenge all learners and varied assessments to appropriately measure progress, our middle school experience has been designed to prepare students for future success.

Learning in middle school

Connections for Leadership

Building skills and self-confidence.

We know that investing in tomorrow’s leaders means giving them opportunities to grow and learn today. Through programs like Where Everybody Belongs (WEB), older students act as mentors for incoming sixth-grade students and help ease the transition from elementary school life.

Leadership in middle school

Supportive Culture

Student-centered environments.

We keep our schools safe and inclusive by choosing students over scores, time and again. At the middle school level, we’ve made renewed efforts to engage families, make guidance and support services accessible, and emphasize health and wellness in our curriculum.

Middle School culture

Middle School Pathways in Action

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The Pathways integration across District 191 has reached school schedules. Starting in fall 2020-2021, the Advisory period was evolved to build in social-emotional learning curriculum and career and college readiness at the middle and high school levels.

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No single person embodies the culture of community service in District 191 quite like Shrey. Growing up in Savage, Shrey was surrounded by a family who showed him different aspects of the world, teachers who encouraged him, and a community who rallied behind his efforts. It started when he was three years old and his mother Seema took him to a local teen homeless shelter where she served on the board.