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Building skills and self-confidence.

We know that investing in tomorrow’s leaders means giving them opportunities to grow and learn today. Through programs like Where Everybody Belongs (WEB), older students act as mentors for incoming sixth grade students and help ease the transition from elementary school life.

Student WEB leader handing a name tag to another student

Where Everybody Belongs: Developing student leaders and easing the transition to middle school 

Making community happen at a school-size scale is no easy task. You need coordinated effort from staff, students and administration, plus a vision that’s compelling enough to catch fire. And that’s exactly what District 191 Middle School leaders believe can happen with the Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) program.

WEB is a student-led program where 8th-grade leaders help to welcome, orient and nurture incoming sixth-grade students.

Seventh-grade students apply to become WEB leaders in the spring, and those selected receive ongoing training — learning games and group leadership skills over the spring and summer — as they help mentor younger students at both Eagle Ridge and Nicollet Middle Schools.

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