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One91 Trailblazers

We are a district of trailblazers. The Trailblazer is the first to break ground on their quest for discovery. Innovative and driven, the Trailblazer blazes new pathways to explore and always learns from the world around them.

Discover One91 Trailblazers

With 14 distinct Pathways, students are invited on a joyful journey of self-discovery from the first sparks of wonder as young learners, through the discoveries that fuel their academic exploration. They are equipped with the tools they need to blaze their own path, no matter what life throws their way. Check out these District 191 student and alumni journeys that started with a spark and are blazing in exciting new directions.

Arts, Global Communications & Information Systems Journeys

Arts, Global Communication & Information Systems icons

Business Management & Entrepreneurship Journey

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Technology Journeys

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Technology Pathway Icon

Health Sciences & Human Services Journeys

icons related to Health and Human Services

The Wayfinder Blog

The Wayfinder Blog is your trail map to the One91 experience. It contains stories, features and resources about how we enable our students to blaze their own trails.

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