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Tyrese's Journey to Advertising, Marketing and Communications

Tyrese Leverty used his passion for business, education and communication to apply himself in a variety of activities, resulting in his pathway to a fulfilling career with making an impact as the driving force.

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Tyrese was always a motivated student. After moving around throughout his childhood, he landed at District 191 in seventh grade and immediately got involved with a variety of activities, most of which involved music. Starting as a percussionist in fourth grade, and continuing throughout middle school, he learned about things like communication, teamwork and problem solving through playing music with others. “I realized that it’s more about how I am making people feel than just hitting a drum or making a sound. That really translated into my love for communication,” said Tyrese. 

He also spent time volunteering and participating in community service, all while making sure he got as close to perfect scores as possible on assignments and tests. An interest in business set him on a course to find his place within the broad industry. “I had taken a couple of business classes based on my own interest, but I fell in love with it because of the teachers who had worked in the industry and used their experience to drive the lessons to provide real examples,” said Tyrese. “Ms. Malone helped to introduce me to DECA my senior year, though I had previously shrugged it off, but I really enjoyed it and we even went to the national competition in California that year. It showed me the thrill of solving problems and creating solutions to new challenges.”

Taking classes in the Arts, Global Communications and Information Systems career field at BHS made Tyrese feel valued as an individual with lots of opportunities to learn about what his future could look like. He was introduced to mentors in business and marketing, and through DECA, gained valuable skills that would guide his next steps. 

He now works for a major advertising agency in the Twin Cities, Carmichael Lynch, where he helps companies to create brands that are purposeful and impactful, while also teaching drumline at BHS, volunteering with a variety of organizations, and finding ways to use his communication skills to lift up other voices.

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I do think having the experience to try my hand at a few different types of business helped me not only in high school and college, but still today as I am working full time and learning everything I can. I think the pathways system helps students answer the question of ‘who am I and where am I going’ with real experience, dedicated teachers and mentors from the community, and I hope to be able to continue that impact for others.”
- Tyrese

7th Grade

Tyrese begins attending school at District 191 and is involved in music.

9th grade

Tyrese looks for new ways to use communication and business.

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High School

Tyrese takes on lots of activities including working with Burnsville Strong, volunteering, and staying involved with music.

12th Grade

After years of shrugging off suggestions to join DECA, Tyrese tries it out his senior year and finds he loves it. The team heads to California for nationals.


Tyrese graduates from BHS and enrolls at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where he majors in Strategic Communication through the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

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Already working at a major advertising agency, Tyrese hopes to find ways to get involved in education and give his real life experience back to students who can learn from it.