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In preschool, Pathways learning is designed to spark the love of learning. Our 3- and 4-year-old students widen their worlds and build foundational skills to continue their learning journey through child-directed and teacher-guided play. 


Building skills through play

As active learners, we know that the most important work of young children is play.

Children learn and grow best through play experiences, which is why we embed skill-building into play to promote healthy development of the whole child. For example, math skills show up at the snack table, the block corner, cooking activities and more. This happens throughout the preschool classroom, through small group play, and circle time stories and songs. 

These embedded experiences help nurture the traits children need to be successful in the rest of their Pathways learning journey and spark the love of learning.


Preschool Spark Skills


Showing an active interest in surroundings, people, and objects. Demonstrating an eagerness to learn.


Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in a variety of ways. Appropriately expressing one’s unique ideas.


Focusing and maintaining attention, making constructive choices, planning to achieve a goal.


Gathering, storing, and organizing information that is perceived through the senses in order to use or apply in new situations. 



From Play to Pathways

Development of the Spark Skills lays the foundation for being a successful learner. One91 Preschool is directly aligned with Pathways learning in kindergarten, enabling our students to take full advantage of the rich experiences built into the rest of a child’s learning journey in District 191.

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